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Founded by

Blair Ramon

Growing up I always said I wanted to be a farmer, but never truly understood the true definition or job description. After finishing my biology degree, finding my place in the career world just wasn’t happening in the Wichita Falls area. So in desperation to find my “career” research lead me back to farming and growing beautiful fresh cut blooms.



We’re a family farm and family is at the heart of our business. 
We care about protecting the environment and we are committed to conducting our business in harmony with nature. As farmers, we have chosen to use sustainable growing practices on our farm and strive to leave a lasting positive impact on the planet. Another way we are trying to build a sustainable farm is planting some flowers that will not be picked but instead are entirely for the pollinators in our area. We also have honey bee hives located on our farm for a unique floral honey that is sure to impress. 

Ramon Family Photo