Meet the Family

Photo by: Kathryn Hager at LittlehCreative

Photo by: Kathryn Hager at LittlehCreative

Blair Ramon, founder of the Gilbert Creek Gardens. Blair is an accomplished photographer, teacher, and biologist. Blair is a researcher at heart and by education, and is conducting field trials on numerous varieties at Gilbert Creek Gardens. She has a B.S. Biology and her education plays a huge role in the direction Gilbert Creek is taking for sustainable farming practices. Along with her science background, Blair is a published newborn photographer. She will carry over this love of photography into flowers to help market and capture the varieties of flowers grown at Gilbert Creek Gardens. 


Blake Ramon, Blake is the "Handy Manny" or "Mr. Fix it"  and the heart of Gilbert Creek Gardens. He is truly the rock of our family and he has amazing work ethic. Blake is the muscle of the farm and really helps during soil preparation, hoop house building, irrigation, and even harvesting and delivery. 


Bristol, goes by many names: Bristolbug, Bristolpete, buggie, sweetpea.  If only one word was used to describe her it would be Joy. She loves to laugh and be right in the middle of what Blake and Blair are doing. She already has a great work ethic and loves to help anyway she can.  

Baylor, is so laid back. Throw her arms behind her head and hang out girl. We love her silly laugh, smile, and big brown eyes.

You will find them right along side us at the farmers market or digging in the dirt.