DECEMBER means WREATHS - Fresh Cut Christmas Wreaths 2018

Copper Fresh Cut Wreaths


Guys, where did the year go? It’s December first and I just can’t believe it. I love this time of year like many of you. Generally, it’s a time of rest on the farm, however this year no rest but instead - remodeling, hoop house growing, and major clean up on the farm is happening. (Pops saved EVERYTHING)

I did a quick google search at the meaning and origin of the Christmas Wreath, and I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Christmas wreaths symbolize an unending circle of life and the evergreens used in them symbolize growth. Remodeling and moving into Sheppard Road house, feels very much like a circle of life - circling around. The hoop house and many other things happening at the farm screams - growth. I will never look at a wreath the same again, and I am so thankful for this season of life. (even if I don’t sleep much)

We are still taking orders for our copper Christmas Wreaths. These wreaths are customizable and will be delivered on a date you choose. You still have time to order, but hurry as I will be closing down orders on December 5th.

Size it Up: This pine, cedar, magnolia, and other fresh cut greenery wreath measures approximately 16” and comes on a simple copper ring for your hanging delight. This wreath will dry beautifully and can adorn your door for months to come!

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