Mid-year Review: Rest DON'T QUIT

First of all, thanks for following along on this journey.

This spring/summer sure is a test of faith for me! It seemed like mother nature was taunting me - too cold, too much rain, too much heat, drought conditions again. The weather fluctuations were absolutely insane. 

I lost so many seedlings this SPRING I stopped keeping track because it made me want to cry. Some flower varieties I had to replant 3 times because the elements kept killing them. Sweetpeas, for example, and I still only ended up with a few plants. I missed them dearly this year.

I have had some great successes this year. The ranunculus and anemones were a big win this early spring. After 3 years, I finally think I have the process down to getting these beauties started, planting, and growing. Third time is the charm. 

Along with the ranunculus, (I am scared to type these as I don't have blooms yet) the second year growing dahlias they seem to be growing and will start fall off with a bang. 

Can we talk about this middle part of my growing season - SUMMER. I am struggling. I mean we always have the heat and no rain BUT this year seems to be an extra "tough" year. Priorities in my life have shifted as well and the amount of work to do just keeps adding up. Summer is always a busy working till dark and cutting with the sun rise work life - which I love. BUT this year I am honestly learning that my to do list will be there tomorrow and I only have 13 more summers with Bristol - and I have been married 10 years which have completely flown by in a hurry so I know the next 13 will follow suit. 

You have probably noticed (or maybe not) that I haven't been posting on social media on a daily basis. This is something I honestly enjoy doing because I know how much it means to some people. I don't get paid to do it but the fact that I know it brings JOY to someones life that may be home bound or just a tiny feel good moment in someones day makes the extra effort worth it. I am starting again and I am making myself a promise to just do me - no comparison games with other growers. Comparison is really the thief of joy and I took a small break because I was just beating myself up when I was already down. 


I am over here still chugging along, and really prepping for a big fall which I am excited about. Pumpkins, sunflowers, dahlias, and more!

If you haven't seen the temperatures for North Texas this week - don't look it will only depress you. SO instead of worrying about all my plants surviving - I plan on leaving the water well running nearly around the clock AND resting and doing somethings that I love. Painting with Bristol, swimming with the girls to cool off, running with my workout friend before sunrise, working on my thesis (bee identifications), and DREAMING AND PLANNING the gardens for the FALL and 2019! I keep looking at my 2018 "mood board" and learning new things about what I was unconsciously telling myself about this year. I hope you keep dreaming and living your dreams and when you get tired - REST and don't QUIT.