See you Later August - It's been real, not real fun BUT just what I needed.


If you read my Mid-year Review: Rest Don't Quit blog post you know that the middle portion of this year wasn't so great to me farming wise. For example, I planted rose liners (basically sticks) to make a rose garden, 42 of them to be exact, and 2 that's right TWO survived the heat as a new little plant. Besides feeling completed defeated, I think things happened the way they did so it would force me to rest. Farming and child rearing are difficult things and the term burning the candle at both ends couldn't have been more true. So with no flowers blooming August was a month of "rest". 

At the beginning of the month, I was still stressing over the fact that no flowers means no business. I had CSA members that had paid up front for their blooms and suddenly I had none to deliver. What calmed me down was the amazing words of encouragement from my CSA members. Not ONLY did they join in before the season started to help in the purchase of seeds, but now they were lifting me up when I was feeling defeated. After talking to them on the last delivery in July about taking a small break in the CSA program to recoup (I can't plant seeds and then have flowers the next day) every single one of my CSA members said no problem and then gave me their own words of encouragement. WHAT A BLESSING this group of people are to me. I will never be able to thank them enough. Guys, if you are reading this message flowers are still coming as promised!!

Resting for me I know is not the normal persons "rest", like binge watching Netflix shows and taking a bubble bath. 

We are starting renovations next week on the house, that will grow my children, and this "rest" period couldn't have come at a better time. Getting our home ready to sell in town, starting kindergarten, cleaning out my grandparents home, planning our future home renovations, and doing all of this while working on completion of my thesis project and raising my beautiful girls made me write a run on sentence just trying to fit them all in there. Adding, flower cutting delivery, and other farm duties to the mix would have done me in. 


In August, I wasn't completely absent from the farm. Starting seeds, prepping new beds, and planting them out into the beds happened. This is the part of the farm I LOVE the most. I put in my headphones and get a good audible book and I just truck along out there, THAT is my rest. 




So I am entering into September with transplants into the garden and thankful for the upcoming cooler temperatures this week. Dahlia's are still pretty and green and with the cooler temperatures, fingers crossed they will start blooming and keep blooming until the first frost. Thankful for the purple hyacinth vine that lifts my spirit everyday. Thinking about how this year didn't go by plan, but honestly it went just the way it needed to. 



 - Blair Ramon