Legacy - nature, pecan trees, and home

My friends and I have deep conversations over wine and cheese nights about what exactly is the "prime" of your life. We have concluded on one or more occasion that the "prime" of your life is not the same for everyone but other than that we are still questioning. 

The past couple years I have really felt "hung up" on my grandparents passing, they both meant so much to me but more than that they were both in their 90s and married for 69 years. This really just made this desire to question the prime of your life even stronger. 

I have made several social media posts about what my grandfather "Pops" meant to me and how he shaped the person that I am today. His love for nature was so evident - when we weren't outside immersed in North Texas nature we were inside immersed in documentaries about nature.

Pops mind was always on nature and he started questioning the decreasing number of bees long before in was in the minds of scientists. In the early 90's I was his own little bee, hand pollinating bottle neck gourds along the trellised fence row with a tiny paint brush. I planted some gourds just for him this year. 

Pops loved his purple martins and hummingbirds. Even in the last few months, we would sit at the breakfast bar eating corn flakes with frozen raspberries and count the number of hummingbirds out for their morning meal.

I spent many fall days picking up pecans from trees Pops planted over 40 years ago, and especially loved the tiny native pecans from "my tree" as he would call it.  This little farm means so much to my family - the home my grandfather built with his own hands and the entire place has stories written throughout it. I am so thankful that it will soon be ours. Blake and I will soon be starting our own legacy and raising our little ones where I first began to love nature.  I can't wait to share stories of the past in each tiny corner of the homestead and make new ones that the girls will talk about in years to come like the sweetpea patch or carrots they planted. 


Cheers to creating legacies - no matter how insignificant you think it may be at the time - it may be the world to someone someday. 

 - Blair